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Interest Faded…

So I am putting the CloudIDE comparison off to a later date. Instead of messing around with this, I am going to work on my real laptop (not my make shift Chromebook) and help out a friend with a re-write of a web game.

He is going to tackle upgrading the current language and I am going to attempt to port it over to Python and one of their frameworks; been wanting to do more with Python and always looking to learn more on that end. I may even try to port it over to C# as well, if I get ambitious enough.

Step 1: Assist my friend in getting his project into version control and shared with me
Step 2: Analyze the project and understand it
Step 3: Start the Python work
Step 4: Report back what, if anything, is going on; good, bad, ugly
Step 5: SUCCESS!

UPDATE: This is going to be interesting.  Over 2000 files and not organized.  Let the fun ensue!!!!

Stay tuned…


So I have been trying to do the comparison between the two web based IDEs and have been coming across some issues just trying to get an existing project working though them.  I know that this has to be something that I am not doing correctly or just don’t know how to do just yet.

I have looked to the all knowing Google for answers and have come up short of intro tutorials that don’t have anything to do with serving up a web page; or at least anything that  bodes well.

I have also asked within the cloud9ide and node.js IRC channels, but no one has offered to assist.

I will keep at it until I can get it to work.  I will try to get it to run locally on a few of my machines if I can’t get it to work through one of the above mentioned IDEs for sanity sake.

If anyone has any advice on this, please leave your comments below.

Thank you!

Cloud IDE Comparison

I recently spun up Chrome OS on an old laptop and wanted to test out a couple of cloud IDEs.  After doing some quick search, I settled on testing out Code Anywhere and Cloud 9; I started both as their free option.

Once I have ample amount of time to play with both IDEs, I will post my comparison; I will append to this post.

Please comment on your experiences with each, or any other web IDE that you currently use.

Happy Hacking my friends!

Time for Hacking…

I am starting to set time aside each week to work on something… anything!

I am starting this as an open forum every Wednesday from 8 pm to 10 or 11 pm, so anyone is welcome to join.  I am going to be at Tim Horton’s in Shelby if you are interested.

I am piggy backing from another group called Coffee House Coder’s.

If you can’t make it, you can visit and join in the conversations!

We also have a meetup page.

Year 2016 is going to be more active on here and hacking in general!

Happy Hacking


I know my activity on here is lacking horribly, or at all, but in a few months I will have some time open up for me and start to contribute to this blog more thoroughly and start making some tutorials on different things. Any suggestions or questions that I can answer please send them my way.

Welcome Developers!

Welcome to my blog page!

I hope that I will be able to help you with your development needs.