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Interest Faded…

April 27, 2016

So I am putting the CloudIDE comparison off to a later date. Instead of messing around with this, I am going to work on my real laptop (not my make shift Chromebook) and help out a friend with a re-write of a web game.

He is going to tackle upgrading the current language and I am going to attempt to port it over to Python and one of their frameworks; been wanting to do more with Python and always looking to learn more on that end. I may even try to port it over to C# as well, if I get ambitious enough.

Step 1: Assist my friend in getting his project into version control and shared with me
Step 2: Analyze the project and understand it
Step 3: Start the Python work
Step 4: Report back what, if anything, is going on; good, bad, ugly
Step 5: SUCCESS!

UPDATE: This is going to be interesting.  Over 2000 files and not organized.  Let the fun ensue!!!!

Stay tuned…


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