Day 44

It has been about a week since I was able to do anything in regards to coding.  I have been utilizing my time cleaning out the garage, yard work, and keeping up with my daughter.  I am going to lump the past week into Day 44 and multiple parts:


As far as coding goes, I am going to start making some steps to starting up a project that I have had in the back of my mind for a while.  I started to design the database and have a handful of tables to create.  I have created two so far.

Part 2:

I had my son last week and we may have had a day or two to continue on with his lessons.  He finished the review that I created for him.  While I was creating it, I realized that there was a lot of information being thrown at him.  I have him doing things with Linux CLI and IDLE.  I created him a cheat sheet with some of the common Linux and GIT commands.  I think I am going to hand the .odt over to him to continue to add to it what he thinks he needs to know from now on.

My son is entering the land of logic!  Stating with if statements and then moving on to if / else, if / elif, to for and while loops.  When it came down to working with simple if statements, he was batting a little over 80%.  Just as always, he just needs to slow down and comprehend what he is doing.  He was getting tripped up on the >= and <=.

Part 3:

I recently found someone else who is starting the #100daysofcode challenge.  One of the TODOs was to refactor their first days’ project.  I actually enjoy refactoring code and so I created an issue to do just that.  I created a branch and refactored the code, but it seems that they have their repo locked down at the moment.  If I am unable to commit to their repo, I will fork it and just have it for my own reference.

Happy Coding!


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