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The Basics

Welcome to my first real posting. I will be giving you what you need to begin to learn how to build a web page and grow upon through later tutorials. One must learn the complete basics before continuing on. One main thing to pay attention to, at this point, is that every tag has an opening and closing tag. This means that for every there is a . You will see from the following list of tags and how they are put together.

But first we need to make sure that you are going to be saving your documents properly and putting your files in the right spot. I would suggest making a folder in a spot where you can get to it easily. It doesn’t matter what you name this folder. For easy association purposes, I would name the folder “web_tutorials” or something of the like. This folder will have all the tutorials you will find here and any others you have found. Within this folder I would break it down to what the tutorials name was and those tutorials will be put in their corresponding folders. This will suffice for the time being, due-to-the-fact that we are not working with image files yet. Later on I will show you how to deal with them.

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